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Provider Secure Access

To access the Secure Provider Area using your password,  click here. Credentialed network providers may contact the Office of Quality Improvement at 1-800-609-9665 if you do not have your password.

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For Credentialed Providers :

      • Process to update your practice information:  Click here for adding a practice location or changing your practice location.

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Consultation Services

Consultation services are available to providers for assistance in setting up billing and claims processing procedures.

The Office of Quality Improvement is available to conduct clinical documentation audits, provide samples of clinical forms for documentation and provide  educational services that can be tailored to specific practice needs related to clinical documentation and risk management. Additionally, the Office of Quality Improvement is available for consultation with network providers regarding patients with complex health needs.

Provider Education

MHCA conducts statewide training events at a minimum, annually for network providers and office staff on topics such as clinical documentation requirements, coding and billing guidelines, prevention of fraud, waste, and abuse, etc. Additionally, MHCA conducts periodic orientation webinars for network providers and their staff to assist them in becoming acquainted with network procedures and to provide an opportunity to answer any questions they may have.

MHCA Director of Provider Education also conducts monthly free webinars for established network providers, focusing on a selected topic each month during the lunch hour.

Important Information

  • Compliance date for ICD-10 is October 1,2015
  • All dates of service October 1,2015 and after must have the ICD-10 codes.
  • Dates of service prior to October 1, 2015 can use the ICD-9 codes.


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