Become a Provider
If you would like to apply to join the Blue Choice Behavioral Health Network please contact the MHCA marketing department at: or 866-334-6422.



MHCA has developed its credentialing process as an ongoing effort to ensure that each of its professional clinical providers meet the highest standards defined by their professional organization. Processes are in place to verify the education and credentials of all providers within the network.  A written Credentialing Program Plan is in place to ensure that providers comply with all credentialing requirements and have the qualifications to deliver the highest quality care to patients.  All professionals who provide any element of patient care within the network must provide evidence of training, licensure, and liability insurance coverage.

A Credentialing Committee is in place to oversee all credentialing activities. The goal of the Credentialing Committee is to determine that this credentialing effort will assure quality patient care delivered by its professional clinical staff, which meets or exceeds the expectations of those whose mental health care is covered by this program.  All clinicians undergo a thorough credentialing process before entering the provider network and are recredentialed every three years.

Providers who are in the process of credentialing may contact Jessica Teske, Credentialing Coordinator, by email for updates on their credentialing status:


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